Potential Runner’s Guide To Website

Considering VHS and the Girl’s Running Program?

Check out our website!  You can’t access everything (since you are not a team member … yet!) but there is a lot of great stuff. Below are some suggestions on what to look at.

The program is growing fast. We are the Cross Country Empire League Champions for the last two years. We are specifically working on speed, dynamic strength, power, flexibility, mobility, running form, and competitiveness to go along with a championship caliber running base. The team has a great group of girls who really work together (you have to experience it to believe it!). We have ambitious goals and know how to achieve them. Want to join?

  • About

    How the program is structured

  • About - Basic Tenets

    Describes the basics of the program.

  • About - Accomplishments

    This shows the accomplishments of the team this year

  • About - Team Goals

    We don’t set easy goals! Want to help us achieve them?

  • Get Ready!

    Some specific stuff for you!

  • Get Ready! - How To Prepare

    Information on how you can prepare for the program.

  • Education

    This area of the website indicates specific education components that are incredibly important for academic and athletic success in high school. The Booster Club is developing and teaching this.

  • First Step?

    First: look over the VHS website. Second: talk to VHS. Third: talk to current and alumni Tigers. Click here for VHS website