Booster Club

Booster Club Purpose

IRS 501(c)(3)

The VHSGLDR Booster Club is organized and will be operated exclusively for charitable
and educational purposes within the meaning of 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Promote open communication and parent involvement with Valencia High School (hereafter
referred to as “VHS” (Placentia, California).


Engage in fundraising activities for the girl’s cross country and track and field at VHS.

Funds for …

Funds to be used for, but not limited to, invitational entrance fees, food and beverage,
equipment, supplies, uniforms, instruction, therapy, guidance, coaching, and incidentals.

Promote …

Promote the development of athletic skills for girl’s cross country, track and field, as well as the development of team members as responsible contributing citizens in our community through emphasis on academic excellence, college preparation, participation in school and community activities, community service, and responsible citizenship.

Any more?

As deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, these activities can include any other
girl’s youth sports programs or activities.

About Our Education Focus

Specific Areas of Education

Long term goal with these educational focuses is to make these workshops available for the entire student body of VHS. All of these items pertain to student success in academics, social, and athletic endeavors.

  • 01

    Nutrition: A required workshop for all runners and at least one parent/guardian during the summer. Two sessions will be offered for ease of scheduling.

  • 02

    Iron: Will be covered by coaches and is a health check requirement. There is considerable evidence that there is a iron depletion issue especially with high school girl athletes.

  • 03

    Friendships: Will be covered during workshops during the Big Bear trip in August. Specifically addresses that true friends support and encourage, not hold on or back. That friends can be picked, not just end up with.

  • 04

    Leadership: Leadership is earned, not appointed. A leader helps to better the team, lifts up others, shares with positive emphasis what they know, open and authentic influence, believable, trustworthy, follows through, helping others achieve, active listening, etc.

  • 05

    Self Confidence: The largest issue with high school girls … period! This affects everything in their life. Will be included in the workshops during the August trip to Big Bear.

  • 06

    Motivation: What drives the girls and why. Digging deep and finding out why they are on the team and if that motivation is sufficient for the work and effort. Remembering that motivation during hard workouts and even, soreness from the workouts

  • 07

    Stress: Will be addressed during workshops in the August Big Bear trip. How to handle and even use. To keep perspective.

  • 08

    Sleep: Will be addressed during workshops in August on the Big Bear trip. How important it is, to focus on getting enough, how it allows for better performance in the classroom and even socially, and in physical recovery.

  • 09

    Study Efficiency: This will also be covered in the workshops in Big Bear. So important! And most students don’t even realize how inefficient they are. Is the television on? The phone next to them? etc

  • 10

    Time Management: The students who are going to bed on time and yet have great grades, etc tend to have one very important item in common … great time management. This will be covered in the workshops in Big Bear in August as well.