Assigned Workouts


Planned Running Workouts from Coach Garcia

Key Goals!

Your progress will be tested and the results will be posted.

If you can do more … DO IT! Don’t hold back. Help team members to achieve!

Do everything with intent and go all out! Don’t just “go through the motion”.

Be confident! Know that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Do not be afraid of failure. If you have never failed … you have never tried to be great … all successful people have failed multiple times!

Only be afraid of not totally committing to your goals and working your hardest to achieve them.

End of July Goals:

  1. Heal Dips: 80
  2. Forward Lean Lunges: 350
  3. Sit-ups: 100
  4. Push-ups: 20
  5. Tri-cep Dips: 20
  6. Planks: Hold for 6 minutes
  7. Reverse Planks: Hold for 5 minutes


End of August Goals:

  1. Heal Dips: 180
  2. Forward Lean Lunges: 500 forward lean, 200 straight up
  3. Sit-ups: 200
  4. Push Ups: 50
  5. Tri-cep Dips: 50
  6. Planks: Hold for 7 minutes
  7. Reverse Planks: Hold for 6 minutes

If you are going to be on vacation or just not at the team workout, the below calendar will give you the post running workouts. These workouts will probably not match the workouts being done by the team that day but it will still help you to get conditioned.

Post Running Workout Details

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