Alumni & Team Member Input page

Hi Team Members and Alumni,

It is typical of an athletic team to concentrate on their achievements in, in our team’s case, running. But in our team’s case, our team members also have achievements in the academic world. And in fact, your experiences and achievements in high school and even college (for the alumni) can be very inspirational for other current VHS students and incoming students. 

This website has a database installed which can collect this type of inspirational information and show it to current and incoming students. Your personal information will not be shown at all (name, phone number, e-mail address) but we do ask that you provide either initials or a nickname. 

One of the last questions is would you be okay to being a mentor? It may never happen but the possibility of you making a wonderful and positive impact on a student and the wonderful feeling it would give you should hopefully cause you to answer “yes”.


  • Step 1: You will fill in a basic form, including your e-mail, and submit it
  • Step 2: The website will then send you a link, via e-mail, which you can use to access the rest of the questions
  • Step 3: Complete the questions and submit it. If there are any questions that don’t pertain to you (or pertain to you yet), just skip them.
  • Step 4: The website will keep your access open if you wish to edit your responses in the future.

Thank You! Roy