Solemn Commitment

During the beginning of summer camp, each runner and their parent/guardian will be required to access this page and confirm their understanding.

Definition of Solemn Commitment

Solemn promise
Full investment
Willingness to sacrifice
Long term obligation
Pact to persevere

It will remind everyone how committed you have to be to be successful in running, in your academic pursuits, going to college, and in life. 

Coaches Requirements:

  • Be there every day
  • Being mentally and emotionally ready, physically hydrated and properly fueled, on time, have the proper gear, have personal goals set, ready to have fun and work hard
  • Give 100% effort.
    • Doing the best workout possible for that day, not holding back, focused on the task, being and acting positive with self confidence, doing every part of the workout with enthusiasm, work on accomplishing goals, self initiative, support and encourage teammates,
    • Schedule:
      • Daily 3 hour workouts Monday through Friday (from 2 pm to 5 pm) and Saturday (from 7 am to 10 am). Times are subject to change. On some days the runners will be asked to accomplish the assigned workout at home.
      • For runners with more than one year of running … 2-4 “two a days” each week may be required depending on the specific runner.
  • Be coachable
    • Which means: listening, processing, acting, changing, trying, and work at improving plus one of the biggest … questioning! Yes, we encourage the runners to be in charge of themselves and to feel free to question. From a coaches perspective when runners are truly engaged, driven, excited, etc they will ask questions. Then the coaches can show off what they know and maybe even learn some more!

Important Information to Know and Follow:

  • The VHS Girl’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams are focused competitive teams. Competition will be practiced on a daily basis so as to prepare for competition against other high school teams.
  • Invitationals are quite often on Saturdays and runners are expected to participate
  • Sometimes the team will utilize a bus for invitationals and/or league meets, but many times the runners will have to get to the invitationals and meets via their own transportation. The coaches will endeavor to assist team members in finding rides if necessary.
  • Some invitationals only allow a certain number of runners so not all team members will participate in every invitational.
  • Team members are reminded they are part of a team. If their actions and or words (or their family, guardians, friends, etc) are not supportive of the team, those actions and words will be addressed with that team member (or family, guardians, friends, etc). Resultant actions can include up to termination of the team member from the team.
  • Each team member must have a completed packet submitted including medical approval to participate . No exceptions!
  • Team member must have completed required team member information form on team website ( to participate.
  • Varsity will be determined by team member running times. Type of course (flat, hilly, etc) will be considered along with potential resting for top runners in preparation for “gold” meets.
  • The top 24 (approximately) team members, determined by running times, will be considered the “competitive” portion of the team. The balance of the team members will be considered as the “fitness” portion of the team. During pre-season workouts coaches will generally work with all the team members. As the season progresses the coaches will focus more on the competitive portion of the team so has to enhance the competitiveness of the team.
  • If the team member does not follow the solemn commitments, coaches requirements, and other team rules and guidelines, that team member can be removed from the team.
  • The team follows all rules and guidelines from Valencia High School Administration, PYLUSD, and CIF.
  • Team members must inform coaches of any injury including “non running” injuries and any strike to the head no matter how slight.
  • Team members must inform coaches of any workouts performed by the team member outside of the team’s workouts including participation in any other team. Both on campus and off campus.
  • Team members must maintain a 2.0 grade point average. Determination of eligibility is by the Valencia High School’s administration staff, not the coaches.
  • The team requires all team members to demonstrate sportsmanship and high morals at all times.
  • Team members will be required to attend certain academic type of education workshops relating to nutrition, time management, study efficiency, self confidence, etc.
  • Iron levels have been identified as a potential issue especially with girl high school athletes. Team members will be required to have their iron levels checked once annually plus additionally if required by the coach after consultation with team member and parents/guardians.
  • The team’s captains and other girl runners may schedule social events for the team for team bonding purposes. All team members are encouraged to attend, submit ideas, and volunteer to help in creating and running the event.
  • All team members should be aware that assistance is available from other team members, VHS, and the coaches. Like being in college, all it takes is stepping forward and asking.