How To Prepare

Decided to join the running program?

Now what do you do? How do you implement your plan? Who do you talk to? And the most important, what is your first step to accomplishing this awesome decision?

  • Start researching by checking out the VHS website (see link below)
  • Contact VHS to find out your next steps
  • Start getting physically ready, see below
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To Learn More About Valencia High School!

Check out everything on the website. VHS really is amazing. The highest level in academics (IB), technology edge in Val Tech, AVID program with incredible ratio of in getting students to college, more AP classes, etc. and an amazing number of teachers that graduated from VHS and returned to teach!

Preparing Physically


Sixth Grade and Prior:

  1. Have fun and play! Try any sport you have interest in and try not to focus on just one sport. Don’t forget the playground! Enjoy all kinds of activities like hiking, swimming, biking, skate boarding (if okay with your parents/guardians), running, playing tag, jumping, climbing (there are actually leagues to compete in climbing!), etc. Don’t be afraid to have fun and compete with your friends! Race each other, try to outdo each other, and then afterwards, give each other hugs or “high fives”. Keep growing your self confidence. Don’t be afraid to try new things and go all out.
  2. Pick friends you have fun with and who help you be better in athletics and academics. Friends support you, help you, pick you up and give you a hug when you are down, encourage you, and are happy when you succeed! Don’t hang out with “friends” that say you can’t do things, tell you to not try, want you to sit on the sidelines with them, are unhappy when you are successful, and who tell you things to make you sad. Those are not “friends”!

Special Notes

  • Recommendation: No matter where you are in the timeline, read everything!
  • Do NOT worry if you are starting “later” than other runners! Some Olympic, International, NCAA, and High School Champions did not run a step before high school.
  • We are ALL sprinters! This does not mean we will all compete in the 100 meters and beat Usian Bolt! This means that all of us must work, every day, on our speed so as to become better runners and increase our competitiveness.
  • Not all of us can win a race but we all can achieve amazing things by setting goals, believing, and working hard. The only thing that holds us back is ourselves. Don’t hold back! Running really can positively change your life and how you perceive yourself. Take a chance and go for it!