Going Beyond

Going Beyond ... What does that mean?

Simple … it means going beyond what you think you can do. Doing more, doing it faster, and doing it better.

All of us limit ourselves. Sometimes the limitations are real (yep, we can’t jump off a cliff and fly without assistance). But most of the time, the limitations are of our own making and only seem real. Those type of limitations falsely limit what we can actually do. In running the limitations can keep us from achieving faster times, being able to run faster, being able to run longer, etc. The human body can do so much more than most of us even dream. Sometimes we see examples of humans who do things that cause all of us to wonder.

Why can’t we do those things? There is NO reason we can’t! Let’s learn how! Then let’s do it! Then let’s achieve greater accomplishments as individuals and as a team then we have yet to dream.

The science of going beyond is still growing and expanding. As articles are identified they will be posted here.