Running Form …

Over time a lot of information will be loaded onto this page. For now just a basic but rather awesome website … by the New York Road Runners.

Form … Form … and Form … You probably get the idea! A GREAT resource is This is from the New You Road Runners who provide a ton of material that is largely spot on. The very first form item is simple: pelvis should be in a neutral position (for most of us that means move it forward!) and allow yourself to “stand tall”. No bending at the waist. There are a million or so (just an estimate) other form items but remember, all runners, even the best and most accomplished, are always working and re-working on form.

Advanced Concept: Working to have feet in neutral position. Our very supportive shoes have, in a sense, acted like a cast. The cast, or shoe, does its job so well it allows the muscles of the foot to atrophy and become basically ineffective. This reduces the efficiency of the gait and can create potential injury tendencies. The runner can work on the foot muscles while they stand, walk, and run. This type of work can eventually lead to “tendon” running where the bounce of the tendon can be utilized on every stride.