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5 New Private Articles

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Learning Opportunities:

  • How to go beyond what you think you can do. Are the limitations you perceive real or can you go faster and farther?
  • Interview with Coach Soles of Great Oak: How to have a winning team (5 Division 1 State Cross Country Championships in a row)


  • Chocolate Milk Science: Does consuming chocolate milk post workout really help?
  • Cold Water Immersion Science: Many coaches still believe in this. Does it help or hurt? When should it be used?
  • Protein Prior To Sleep Science: Does ingesting protein prior to sleep help your muscles to adapt?

Information / Required Paperwork For All Runners 2017

The below paperwork is due by Saturday, July 15th

If this paperwork is not turned in on time, you will not be able to work out with the team.

This form allows the team member to be transported off of campus for practice, meets, and invitationals. This is required for all team members.

Please fill out the form below.

In English: XC 2017 XC athletic transport info english

In Spanish: XC 2017 XC athletic transport info spanish

All athletes must fill out the athletic packet.

In English: XC 2017 XC athletic packet english

In Spanish: XC 2017 XC athletic packet spanish


Important Information to know!

If this paperwork is not turned in on time, you will not be able to work out.

Ayala Last Chance All-Comers

Ayala Last Chance Distance All-Comers Meet

All non CIF runners are invited to attend (attendance not required). Coach Roy will be at the meet. There is a $5 entry fee per runner. The meet should be completed by about 10 am.

Because the meet is so short and would not allow sufficient recovery, runners should only pick one event.

Meet info below.

If interested, please e-mail, text, or just jump in front of Coach Roy prior to close of practice on Wednesday (5/10/17). Just tell him which event you wish to run.


Empire League T&F Championship 2017

VHS Girl Tigers are the Track and Field Champions of the Empire League – 2017

Both the Fresh / Soph and Varsity teams went undefeated in the dual meets and won the finals. Undefeated Champions!

First time in 25 years! And it won’t be the last!

The Boy’s Varsity and Fresh / Soph teams also went undefeated!

Click Me for team pic’s page!Click Me for team Accomplishments Page!Click Me for PR’s page!

Girl’s Running Summer Camp Sign-up

Registration for the summer athletic camps has begun. Online registration has closed however you can still register! Go to the PYLUSD website Athletic Summer Camp Webpage and print the registration form. Fill it out and bring it to the first day of camp along with a check or money order. We apologize but no cash can be accepted.

Summer camp website:

PYLUSD Athletic Summer Camp Webpage

Summer Camp Info:

Valencia High School Summer Camp Matrix 2017

Required Equipment:

  • Proper training shoes
  • foam or hard roller
  • exercise rubber band

Recommended Equipment:

  • Sports watch or cell phone with running app (cell phone must be carried, not held in hand)

Start Date: July 8, 2017

End Date: Beginning of school

Days: Monday – Saturday

Time: 6:45 am – 9:45 am

Location: Bradford Stadium

Cost: $50

Vacations: Team members will be asked to workout during “family” vacations (assuming it is safe to do so).

Sign-up: There are three different ways to sign up as listed on the PYLUSD website

T&F OC Championship 2017 Pic’s

Check out the Team Pic’s Page – The pictures from the T&F Orange County Championships 2017 at Mission Viejo High School have been added.

Nine athletes from the Girl’s Running Program participated by running in the 400 meter, 800 meter, 1600 meter, and 3200 meter races.

VHS had other athletes participate in the discus, shot put, and 200 meter. A VHS girl WON the Fresh /Soph Discus Throw! Throws Rock!

The hurdlers attended the Orange County Meet of Champions at University High School.

Click Me for Team Pics page

Potential Runner’s Guide To Website

Considering VHS and the Girl’s Running Program?

Check out our website!  You can’t access everything (since you are not a team member … yet!) but there is a lot of great stuff. Below are some suggestions on what to look at.

The program is growing fast. We are the Cross Country Empire League Champions for the last two years. We are specifically working on speed, dynamic strength, power, flexibility, mobility, running form, and competitiveness to go along with a championship caliber running base. The team has a great group of girls who really work together (you have to experience it to believe it!). We have ambitious goals and know how to achieve them. Want to join?

  • About

    How the program is structured

  • About - Basic Tenets

    Describes the basics of the program.

  • About - Accomplishments

    This shows the accomplishments of the team this year

  • About - Team Goals

    We don’t set easy goals! Want to help us achieve them?

  • Get Ready!

    Some specific stuff for you!

  • Get Ready! - How To Prepare

    Information on how you can prepare for the program.

  • Education

    This area of the website indicates specific education components that are incredibly important for academic and athletic success in high school. The Booster Club is developing and teaching this.

  • First Step?

    First: look over the VHS website. Second: talk to VHS. Third: talk to current and alumni Tigers. Click here for VHS website