• Establish successful life habits
  • Become a stronger, faster, quicker, and flexible athlete with greater endurance and mobility
  • Learn to be efficient, stay on task, be focused, driven
  • Develop self confidence!
Addressed from very first day with intent on creating awareness and safe habits.

  • Training safety
    • Construction and implementation of the workouts
    • Specific workout components compatible with age, gender, experience, etc
    • Equipment
  • Physical safety
    • Running on the streets (when included)
    • On the track
  • Mental and emotional safety
  • Social within the team
    • Program focuses on bringing together one team. All levels are encouraged to work together. Being on “varsity” is determined by performance, period. Team Captains status is earned, not assigned. Those Captains are required to know and interface with everyone on the team, create and implement team social events, etc.
    • Groups within the team is a normal way for team members to feel comfortable. However if a group(s) causes an issue to the team or an individual, the Coaches will address it.
Winning includes team wins, individual victories, personal records and accomplishments, etc

And why is winning so important?

  • To learn how to be personally successful and how to accomplish anything in life you set your mind to
  • To learn how to be successful in a collaborative team environment
  • College visibility for opportunities and scholarships
First: What is “Commitment”?

Solemn promise
Full investment
Willingness to sacrifice
Long term obligation
Pact to persevere

Program requires input and commitment from many sources:

  • The Runner!
  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • School Administration and Teachers
  • Booster Club
  • Other VHS students

A formal acknowledgment of each runner’s commitment is accomplished and shown on this website in the private section. This is done so as to impress upon the runners how important commitment is.

  • Be there every day
  • Being mentally and emotionally ready, physically hydrated and properly fueled, on time, have the proper gear, have personal goals set, ready to have fun and work hard
  • Give 100% effort.
    • Doing the best workout possible for that day, not holding back, focused on the task, being and acting positive with self confidence, doing every part of the workout with enthusiasm, work on accomplishing goals, self initiative, support and encourage teammates,
    • Schedule:
      • Daily 3 hour workouts Monday through Friday (from 2 pm to 5 pm) and Saturday (from 7 am to 10 am). Times are subject to change. On some days the runners will be asked to accomplish the assigned workout at home.
      • For runners with more than one year of running … 2-4 “two a days” each week may be required depending on the specific runner.
  • Be coachable
    • Which means: listening, processing, acting, changing, trying, and work at improving plus one of the biggest … questioning! Yes, we encourage the runners to be in charge of themselves and to feel free to question. From a coaches perspective when runners are truly engaged, driven, excited, etc they will ask questions. Then the coaches can show off what they know and maybe even learn some more!
Simple … the fastest runners … no matter what class (freshman, sophomore, etc) they are in. Cliques don’t decide varsity … You Do!!!

There are times we will run freshman and sophomores in a fres/soph race in special invitationals. That allows them to run against the best of their class. Then they know who they will be competing against their entire high school career.